What is AntMake?

AntMake is an Ant-based tool for distributing Java projects to be used the same way as GNU Autotools projects.


Will I have to use a different folder structure for my projects?

No. AntMake takes the source files it needs, and copies them to a different folder. In such folder it prepares all files required to successfully build the project using GCC (GCJ) or the Java compiler you specify.

Which is the difference between AntMake and any other build tools, including Ant itself?

AntMake doesn't try to provide a different build system for Java projects. It just simplifies the packaging of Java projects as ordinary GNU libraries or applications.

Indeed, it uses both Ant and GNU Autotools.

Anyway, I'm aware of no other tools for converting Java projects to GNU style. If you know of any, please provide me such information.

I'm already using Ant, or my favourite IDE, to build my Java code. Why should I care about converting it to GNU style?

Are you used to install software using configure, make and make install ? If you do, and if you like such a way, you could possibly find interesting using the same mechanism for building and installing Java-based projects.


Which is the current status of AntMake?

AntMake is fully functional. Its current version is 0.1.8 .