AntMake is an Ant-based simple tool for generating the required files in order to create the folder layout, files and Makefile skeletons to allow the generation of Makefiles using GNU Automake , as well as configure scripts (via GNU Autoconf ).


AntMake is fully functional. Current version, 0.1.8 , fullfills the initial features of the project. A testing phase has started in order to improve the features of the generated Makefiles, such as building Javadoc documentation or executing JUnit tests.


$Date: 2004/02/03 07:52:41 $ Bug 99 - configure.in throws errors , which depends on 100 - The configure.in template does not replace {3} and {4} variables , 101 - configure.in doesn't replace correctly {5}, {6}, {7} and {8} variables , 102 - The copy of aclocal.m4 file inserts some "null" strings inside , 103 - The copy of acinclude.m4 file inserts some "null" strings inside , 104 - Required ltmain. sh script is not copied to the destination folder , 105 - Makefile.am removes the quotes of a text inside a find command , 106 - libtool.m4 macro file is not copied , and 109 - The jar dependencies are not copied correctly , have been fixed.
2004/02/01 14:55:30 Bug 107 - make throws an error , which depends on 109 - The jar dependencies are not copied correctly , has been fixed.
2004/01/31 18:38:19 Bug 98 has been fixed. It was a limit of 8192 bytes in the ChangeLog file. The project's version is now 0.1.8b2 , since some problems have been detected in the configure.in file.
2004/01/31 13:46:50 ChangeLog file generated from the output of cvs log, following the indentation, justification and format standards. Bug 98 - Output ChangeLog file is truncated needs to be fixed before reaching version 0.1.8 .
2004/01/25 20:42:42 Fixed files (R EADME, AUTHORS and COPYING) are now copied to the destination folder structure.
2004/01/25 20:20:15 All Makefile.am files for all packages are generated correctly.
2004/01/25 02:59:35 Top-level Makefile.am file is created correctly.
2004/01/25 01:09:54 configure.in file is now generated dinamically.
2004/01/24 10:25:30 Make-rules file is created dinamically. Required dependencies from classpath are copied to the destination folder structure.
2004/01/23 08:00:16 Macro files: acinclude.m4 , aclocal.m4 ; are copied from Ant's class loader to the destination folder successfully.
2004/01/22 09:02:08
  • Created the base class design: Ant task, mediator class, utility classes.
  • Source files defined in Ant's input path are merged and copied to the destination folder structure successfully.
2004/01/18 23:04:29 Created the project structure, basic initial documentation, and Ant Task skeleton.